Javier is a bilingual actor from Monterrey, Mexico​ currently living and working in Chicago, IL.


Javier has a wide range of expertise in health and fitness, acting, and public speaking. He is a motivated and passionate entrepreneur who values living his approach to health & wellness.

With more than 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, he works to empower people inside and outside of the gym to adopt a healthy mind and body. His approach towards a positive mindset and lifestyle has led to invitations to speak at local charity, non-profit, and corporate events. 

Along with his establishment as a public speaker, Javier has more than 3 years of acting experience including but not limited to commercial and movie roles, voice-over acting, as well as print work. 

Javier is available for private bookings and consultations.

javier gutierrez

Represented by:


Lily's Talent

1017 W. Washington Blvd. #2C

Chicago, IL  60607

Tel: 312.601.2345

The Rock Agency

6312 Monona Dr.

Madison, WI  53716

Tel: 608.238.6372

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